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For fun 5 Min Read

Cycling, Phone Calls and Bootcamps

You might be thinking what these might have in common or then again might just be thinking that this is just another blog. Well...

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For fun 14 Min Read

Purple Frog's 10 Hottest Blog Posts of all Times

Many things have changed since the new Purple Frog's Blog doors opened on the 27th of January 2016. Of course we published blog...
For fun 5 Min Read

12 Images Only People Who are Stressed Will Appreciate

Raise your hand if you are felling stressed! You are not alone. We hope this selection of images will help you cheer up and...
For fun 6 Min Read

Smart Cities: What Can They Teach Today’s B2B Marketers?

I attended a fascinating event last week where Andrew Pryke from BAM Design talked about the future of Smart Cities. Smart...
For fun 4 Min Read

How to grow your business also when you are on holiday this Christmas

Growing your business whilst you are stuffing yourself with food and spending time with your loved ones seems more of a dream...
Inbound Marketing 9 Min Read

7 free online courses every marketer should do

Knowledge is power. We've all heard that one, and I don't think there is anyone on this planet who would disagree with this...
For fun 9 Min Read

The 5 Best UK Radio Stations for the Office

Music has been proven to improve productivity at work. According to this study on the Psychology of Music by Teresa Lesiuk,...
For fun 5 Min Read

What Has Sustainable Business Growth Got to Do With Team GB at The Olympics?

This is the topic I covered during my last webinar for the Business Income Generator and everyone thought it was a rather...
For fun 7 Min Read

No Motivation at Work? We've Got The Remedy

Do you ever have those days at work when you can't seem to get around to doing anything? Maybe you had a really bad nights...