We are Purple Frog.


With over 20 years experience, we are a business growth agency with experts in user-focused digital marketing and conversion rate optimisation alongside results-driven sales and marketing strategies. Working from the heart of Oxfordshire, our agile teams will support your project towards sustainable business growth. 

Whether you are looking for optimised web development, powerful CRO or target-oriented strategic marketing, at Purple Frog we strive to get the right results for our clients.


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Your teams of Creative, Digital & Strategic experts


Managing Director

Email: david.finch@purplefrog.co.uk

Likes: Beer, cycling & Manchester United

Dislikes: Lamb, Jeremy Vine & Whisky


Head of Strategy

Email: stephanie.reed@purplefrog.co.uk

Likes: Crafts, cake & Christmas

Dislikes: Hawaiian Pizza, hot weather & moths


Finance/Company Secretary

Email: tina.sullivan@purplefrog.co.uk

Likes: Cruising, baking & Champagne

Dislikes: Mushrooms & bad manners


Marketing Assistant

Email: oliver.kinghorn@purplefrog.co.uk

Likes: The Kardashians & Diet Coke

Dislikes: Tomatoes


Systems Administrator

Email: yvonne.priestly@purplefrog.co.uk

Like: Pilates, herbal teas & walking

Dislikes: Change, olives & drivers in the middle lane


Senior Graphic Designer

Email: paul.serjeant@purplefrog.co.uk

Likes: Sports of most kinds, whisky of most kinds, walking

Dislikes: xxxx


Digital Developer

Email: jon.crowe@purplefrog.co.uk

Likes: Tottenham Hotspur, custard donuts

Dislikes: Making lists of likes and dislikes


Marketing Assistant

Email: jon.abbott@purplefrog.co.uk

Likes: BBQs, Notts County & Festivals

Dislikes: Wasps, Tax & Exams


Digital Marketing Lead

Email: marie.roberts@purplefrog.co.uk

Likes: Pork belly, Gin & shoes

Dislikes: Jelly, Crocs & the misuse of 'you're/your'


Chief of Happiness & Mischief

Email: Reggie.roberts@purplefrog.co.uk

Likes: Bean bags, walking over laptops, sticks.

Dislikes: People sitting on my bean bag, the post lady, printers.



Digital Developer

Email: chris.eade@purplefrog.co.uk 




Purple Frog associates:

Sarah Neal

Creative director


Salesforce Consultant