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Increasing website traffic and generating 800 new contacts through inbound marketing

When you have a relatively niche B2B company, it can be quite hard to to be found online and engage an audience. Website views can be quite low, and conversions are few and far between. If this...

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Generating 104 new enquiries in 1 month  on a small budget with Google AdWords

Do you use Google AdWords or are thinking of adopting it as part of your marketing strategy? If so, you should read how we have helped one of our clients reduce their PPC (pay-per-click) spend,...

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"CRO blimey!": what even is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Excuse the dreadful pun; I needed a way to shoehorn (a cockney) Dick Van Dyke into the hero!

But let's not get bogged down in that as we are here to answer some crucial questions on: what exactly...

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Another Google Tweak: how will longer snippets affect my website?

Like the terror-stricken Kevin McCallister here, you too could be forgiven for turning round and hiding under the bed covers when your hear that Google is making changes to its SERPs or...

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An SEO Marketing Case Study: a success story of epic proportions

SEO? Exciting? Surely they're mutually exclusive I hear you wail (I imagine you're wailing anyway, but perhaps not!). 

Well in this case there is good cause to get excited as the growth and...

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13 Ways To Promote a Telecommunications Company (FREE GUIDE)

At the core of modern business communications, telecommunications companies service everyone from individuals, to non-profits, to multi-nationals.

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Programmatic advertising: "don't worry, the machines have got this..."

When reading an article by martechtoday.com earlier this week, they made a very astute observation that no matter whether you are new to programmatic advertising, or have been working in digital...

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Why Should I Use Inbound Marketing?

Since 2006, inbound marketing has been the most effective method for doing business online, this is because it generates 3x more leads than traditional marketing and it costs 62% less per lead (...

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Cycling, Phone Calls and Bootcamps

You might be thinking what these might have in common or then again might just be thinking that this is just another blog. Well let’s explore.

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Stuffing, Density or Proximity: which keyword optimisation technique should you be following?


Whilst doing some on-page changes for the Purple Frog site last week, I noticed - whilst looking at Google Search Console - that we had experienced some dips in Impressions for particular...

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