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Be More Toddler

Creativity through the eyes of a toddler

At the end of one of our team meetings Marie announced that we were a just a bunch of toddlers! Most businesses might think of this as a negative but first let’s unpick what she meant. You might be surprised...

In the dynamic world of business, where innovation is the key to success, it might seem unconventional to turn our attention to a group known more for finger painting than market analysis. Toddlers. However, beneath the surface of spilled juice cups and bedtime tantrums lies a wellspring of untapped creativity that can offer valuable insights for entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

So, let us unpack why the creativity of toddlers is a powerful asset that can be harnessed to drive innovation and success in the business world.

Fearless Exploration

Toddlers are the embodiment of curiosity. Their boundless energy and fearless exploration of the world around them can be a source of inspiration for business leaders. In a corporate landscape that often fears failure, toddlers teach us the importance of embracing the unknown. Their willingness to try new things without the fear of making mistakes can lead to novel ideas which in turn can be developed into innovative solutions (probably by the teenagers).

Unconventional Thinking

Toddlers approach problem-solving with fresh, unburdened minds. Unlike adults who may be confined by conventional or even group thinking, toddlers are not limited by preconceived ideas. This ability to think outside the box can be a game-changer for businesses looking to break free from industry norms and find novel solutions to complex challenges.

Imagination as a Catalyst

Toddlers have vivid imaginations and are a volcano of creativity waiting to be tapped. Whether it's turning a cardboard box into a spaceship or imagining a teddy bear as a business partner, toddlers demonstrate the power of imagination in problem-solving and idea generation. Your business should be benefitting through encouraging employees to think beyond the obvious in order to fully foster a culture of innovation.

Adaptability and Resilience

Toddlers are masters of adaptability. They can seamlessly transition from building block towers to playing pretend in a matter of seconds. Adaptability is a valuable trait in the somewhat unpredictable landscape of business. By acting more like toddlers, your business can develop resilience and the ability to pivot quickly in response to market shifts and challenges.

Effective Communication

While their vocabulary may be limited, toddlers do rather excel at expressing themselves through gestures, facial expressions, and creativity. Your business can learn from this simplicity and work towards clear and effective communication. Simplifying complex ideas and making communication more accessible enhances collaboration and innovation within teams.

In the quest for innovation, businesses can find inspiration in the unbridled creativity of toddlers. By embracing their fearlessness, unconventional thinking, imaginative prowess, adaptability, and effective communication, businesses can cultivate a culture of innovation that helps drive them ahead of the competition. As we navigate the complexities of the business world, perhaps the key to success lies in reconnecting with the untamed creativity that resides within each of us.

Remember. Be more toddler.

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