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Cycling, Phone Calls and Bootcamps

You might be thinking what these might have in common or then again might just be thinking that this is just another blog. Well let’s explore.

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Smart Cities: What Can They Teach Today’s B2B Marketers?


I attended a fascinating event last week where Andrew Pryke from BAM Design talked about the future of Smart Cities.

Smart Cities are in effect controlled by that buzz word of today, big data,...

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What Has Sustainable Business Growth Got to Do With Team GB at The Olympics?

This is the topic I covered during my last webinar for the Business Income Generator and everyone thought it was a rather bizarre connection to link business growth to the Olympics.

However, I...

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Why Should you Sell and Market to a Niche

It's really important that businesses sell and market to a niche. If you try and sell everything to everybody, you successfully sell nothing to anybody.

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Don't Spend More Than 1/3 of Your Income on Winning New Business

I always hear people talking about budgets left, right and centre. "We have got X to spend on marketing this year" is certainly a recurring statement. What people don't consider though is:

  1. Will...

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