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Website Visibility 9 Min Read

Another Google Tweak: how will longer snippets affect my website?

Like the terror-stricken Kevin McCallister here, you too could be forgiven for turning round and hiding under the bed covers...

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Website Visibility 11 Min Read

An SEO Marketing Case Study: a success story of epic proportions

SEO? Exciting? Surely they're mutually exclusive I hear you wail (I imagine you're wailing anyway, but perhaps not!). Well in...
Website Visibility 9 Min Read

Stuffing, Density or Proximity: which keyword optimisation technique should you be following?

Whilst doing some on-page changes for the Purple Frog site last week, I noticed - whilst looking at Google Search Console -...
Website Visibility 10 Min Read

PFD: our predictions & trends for Digital marketing in 2017

Digital "marketing is a field dominated by those with the foresight to plan ahead, anticipate change, and jump on trends before...
Website Visibility 8 Min Read

C'ya Content Keywords: but what does this mean for SEO?

What on earth are 'Content Keywords' when they're at home? Are they important...? Should I care? These are just some of the...
Website Visibility 7 Min Read

Health Checks: 5 Classic Problems Websites ALWAYS Have

Why have knowledge if you can't share it..? In early 2016, Purple Frog Digital decided that un-selfishness was the way forward!...
Website Visibility 8 Min Read

Purple Frog Basics: Video SEO, a Best Practice Guide

Yes, yes, yes I know we've done something on Video SEO before but that was focused on the why you should be doing it, not the...
Website Visibility 11 Min Read

A Digital Marketing Success: Dornoch Shortlisted for Award

"Our small town packs a big punch!” Joan Bishop, Chair of DACIC This is how the Chairwoman of the Dornoch Area Community...
Website Visibility 9 Min Read

All the P's: Google's updates could be harming your site's SEO!

People: Oh for the love of all things SEO, not ANOTHER Google update to deal with?! Me: Unfortunately yes. People: Well please...