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Website Conversions 7 Min Read

"CRO blimey!": what even is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is just like climbing a mountain. Hard, full of obstacles but well worth the pain when you get...

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Website Conversions 5 Min Read

Make Your Website Your #1 Tool

According to the Office for National statistics, 87.9% of adults in the UK used the internet, (this data was collected over the...
Website Conversions 10 Min Read

5 ways to add FIRE to your eCommerce site! (without actually burning it)

And we're back! After a period of too much good food, company, drink and cheese it's time to hit the grind again. We begin the...
Inbound Marketing 8 Min Read

How to do a content audit of your website

Are you one of those companies that produce and publish lots of content but is not sure what the results of it are? Then it's...
Website Conversions 7 Min Read

Lost & Confused? Why navigation & content structure are so important!

New look, same blog! As you might've read a few weeks ago, Purple Frog Digital have begun offering Health Checks as part of...
Website Visibility 7 Min Read

Health Checks: 5 Classic Problems Websites ALWAYS Have

Why have knowledge if you can't share it..? In early 2016, Purple Frog Digital decided that un-selfishness was the way forward!...
Website Conversions 12 Min Read

7 of the Best: Our Favourite Mobile Website Designs!

On one level the look and functionality of a website on mobile should just do the bare minimum. However with it now official...
Website Conversions 16 Min Read

12 (& a half), of the Best Contact Pages That Retain More Customers!

Conversations and making connections with visitors is often the very least a website should do. Getting people onto your site...
Inbound Marketing 9 Min Read

Top Tips on How to Audit Your Website Content to Optimise It

Are you getting the most out of your website? Are you missing out on leads and traffic that could potentially get you more...