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Remarkability 16 Min Read

The 9 principles of remarkability - how to stand out from the competition

Remarkability is something we at Purple Frog talk about all the time. It's what we teach our clients to think about and what we...

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Inbound Marketing 17 Min Read

The complete guide to buyer personas –Why, what and how to create them

You know your target audience, so why do you need to know what a business persona is and more importantly, why do you need to...
Strategy 35 Min Read

Marketing for solicitors:15 strategies and ideas to grow

As a solicitors' firm, you can probably resonate with this scenario: you’re rushed off your feet, with work coming out of your...
Website Conversions 7 Min Read

"CRO blimey!": what even is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is just like climbing a mountain. Hard, full of obstacles but well worth the pain when you get...
Website Visibility 9 Min Read

Another Google Tweak: how will longer snippets affect my website?

Like the terror-stricken Kevin McCallister here, you too could be forgiven for turning round and hiding under the bed covers...
Website Visibility 11 Min Read

An SEO Marketing Case Study: a success story of epic proportions

SEO? Exciting? Surely they're mutually exclusive I hear you wail (I imagine you're wailing anyway, but perhaps not!). Well in...
3 Min Read

13 Ways To Promote a Telecommunications Company (FREE GUIDE)

At the core of modern business communications, telecommunications companies service everyone from individuals, to non-profits,...

Programmatic advertising: "don't worry, the machines have got this..."

When reading an article by martechtoday.com earlier this week, they made a very astute observation that no matter whether you...
Inbound Marketing 11 Min Read

Why Should I Use Inbound Marketing?

Since 2006, inbound marketing has been the most effective method for doing business online, this is because it generates 3x...