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12 Images Only People Who are Stressed Will Appreciate

Springsteen (1).jpg

Springsteen (1).jpg

Raise your hand if you are felling stressed!

You are not alone. We hope this selection of images will help you cheer up and give you a new way of taking on the stress in your life... or not!

1. Who agrees with this statement?



2. Talking about free time... does any of you ever have it?

funnyand.com.jpgSource: funnyand.com


3. Well this would be handy!



4. Or maybe you got thrown into the "deep end"!

 enki-village.com 3.jpg

Source: enki-village.com


5. Or again the very thought of work makes you stressed...


Source: Lifehack.org


6. What about a stress reduction kit?


Source: Quotesgram.com


7. Or try different "remedies" to stress.


Source: randomdysfunctions.com


8. Say what?


Source: enki-village.com

9. Maybe all you need is some new rules.

enki-village 2.jpg

Source: enki-village.com


10. Do you feel like you are losing your mind?

enki-village.com 4.png

Source: enki-village.com


11. I repeat question 2... Does anyone even have free time?



12. And as a finale... the stress picture to conquer all stress pictures! Cam you say that 3 times without getting your tongue twisted?



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