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Purple Frog's 10 Hottest Blog Posts of all Times

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Many things have changed since the new Purple Frog's Blog doors opened on the 27th of January 2016. Of course we published blog posts before that time, but since the end of January of last year we started doing so on a more regular basis, publishing between 2 and 3 blog posts per week.

129 blog posts later, some have come out as winners, and some have sunk. Here are the ones that have been the most read blog posts on our website so far.

10. 5 Common Inbound Marketing Myths


It’s very common for myths to arise about new marketing techniques. When people don’t understand the concept, they often share misconceptions. Some competing companies will also create myths to dissuade potential customers from going with their competition. This is why it’s so important to do your research and get all the information before you come to a decision. Myths can be damaging to your future marketing and the future of your business.

For example, there are many myths in the World Wide Web about SEO. One of the most recent we’ve heard is ‘SEO is dead.’ I don’t think we need to call Mythbusters to crack that case. As there are so many myths about different digital marketing methods, it’s not surprising we hear plenty of myths about inbound marketing too ...

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9. 7 Benefits of Social Media For Business


Once upon a time Social Media was only seen as a fad, something that only the teends we in to and would soon pass. It was never originally viewed as something that could benefit businesses but over time that traditional view was proven wrong but with 2 billion of 3 billion internet users having active social media accounts. The mass amount of Social media users make it easy to reach mass amounts of people easily, therefore making it a marketing giant offering businesses valuable data about their customers at either a low cost, or completely free ...

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8. 7 free must-have tools to grow your business

free tools.jpg

There are plenty of new tools being created and launched every day that are aimed at helping you grow your business, but a lot of these can end up being quite expensive.

It is true that if you want to grow you need to invest money in sales and marketing, but on the other hand, if you are a startup or if you are a small business just trying to dip their toe in a new marketing tactic, you may not be ready to invest hundreds of pounds on different tools every month, plus time and resources in all your other marketing activities.

But don't worry. I have put together a good collection of 7 tools that you can get completely for free and start using right away to put your business on the right path for growth ...

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7. Sensory Marketing: How to maximise your marketing strategy

sensory marketing.jpg

Why is marketing strategy primarily focused on visual communication? What made us decide to put all our efforts into visual marketing? Why do most brand guidelines only discuss how the brand looks? 

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6. White Paper Design: 7 Tips on How to Do It Right

white paper design

White paper marketing is certainly one of the content marketing trends of these past few years.

According to Artversion, white papers are one of the most effective tools in the B2B world, and that is because they are great for educating potential customers about a certain topic you provide the solution for.

But once you have put in all the effort in writing remarkable content for your white paper, why should you now bother about the design?

Bottom line is, if you don't create a good design around your white paper, no one will download it! A good design will create more engagement and excitement around your white paper and it will help you communicate the message more effectively, and therefore it's very important to get it right ...

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5. 5 Examples of Great B2B Social Media Marketing

social media marketing great examples

Ah social media. With so many platforms, characteristics and etiquette which alters across the seemingly never ending channels, it can seem an eternal struggle getting to grips with this multi-limbed beast. 

This 'beast' is further complicated by the 'what to do' when dealing with customers on social media. Sure social media is great for getting content, promotions and imagery out there. But its real strength lies in its ability to allow true engagement with YOUR customers ...

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4. How Do You Choose Keywords That Will Give You SEO Success?

seo how choose keywords

There is a simple question which haunts marketeers and content creators everywhere. What should my keywords be? And, how do I find them? 

This is a simple question with a reasonably simple answer to which I will break down into two sections. The problem concerning keywords is one which leads to a host of others including lack of engagement and irrelevant content. ...

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3. Customer Acquisition Cost: The Secret To Your B2B Success

customer acquisition cost

The majority of businesses are overspending when it comes to acquiring new customers. The reason for this is that they don't actually know how much they should be investing or how, so they end up spending money in the wrong area and not see any return.

The crucial step for creating an effective customer acquisition strategy is to calculate how much money you should be investing on the various different marketing activities to acquire new customers, and have a granular approach for your budget allocation. This is what we call a customer acquisition cost, or CAC ...

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2. 9 Genius Business Growth Strategies for B2B

business growth strategies.jpg

When you talk about growth strategies, more often than not people assume you are talking about B2C. In fact, it’s somewhat rare to hear about an incredible growth story from B2B companies. Businesses that deal directly with consumers, and especially those in retail, have had years of marketing experiments and have nailed down their growth strategies in detail. However, there is a huge opportunity for visionary B2B to really develop effective marketing strategies and grow their businesses exponentially ...

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1. 21 Clever Exhibition Ideas to Get More People to Your Stand


After all the work and the effort you put into planning your exhibition, you now want to make sure a large amount of people will come onto your stand and engage with you and your brand.

Here are 21 different exhibition ideas that are sure to grab the attention of everyone at your next exhibition and help you generate lots of qualified leads ...

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