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Purple Frog Basics: Video SEO, a Best Practice Guide


Yes, yes, yes I know we've done something on Video SEO before but that was focused on the why you should be doing it, not the how!

This, is the how! 

Oh, you haven't read the first blog? Well go...

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A Digital Marketing Success: Dornoch Shortlisted for Award

"Our small town packs a big punch!”

Joan Bishop, Chair of DACIC

This is how the Chairwoman of the Dornoch Area Community Interest Company described the inclusion of this small Scottish town in...

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7 of the Best: Our Favourite Mobile Website Designs!

On one level the look and functionality of a website on mobile should just do the bare minimum. However with it now official that more people are accessing the internet on mobile devices,...

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All the P's: Google's updates could be harming your site's SEO!


People: Oh for the love of all things SEO, not ANOTHER Google update to deal with?!

Me: Unfortunately yes. 

People: Well please say they haven't named it after animals again?! 

Me: Err, also...

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Email Marketing, Retaining Customers and Why You Should Be Doing It.


Oh no not those spam email things I hear you cry! But fear not, there is so much more to email marketing than gimicking, annoying mail that clog up your inbox every morning. 

Although there is...

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12 (& a half), of the Best Contact Pages That Retain More Customers!


Conversations and making connections with visitors is often the very least a website should do. Getting people onto your site is tricky enough and something that we cover in our SEO series, but ...

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10 of the Worst Examples of Social Media Marketing Campaigns


I'm back! And straight into a topic which one could reasonably assume wouldn't need too much training or thought to get right.

But as these companies will illustrate below, you can never be too...

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What does Instagram Stories mean for Snapchat and Digital Marketing?

"If you can't beat them. Clone them!"

"If you can’t innovate, imitate."

Even taken with a pinch of salt, these represent a pretty accurate outline of Instagram's - the photo editing app - latest...

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#POGBACK: What Can Digital Marketing Learn From This Epic Saga?


Whether you follow football or not, it has been impossible to avoid the swirling transfer saga between a certain young man by the name of Paul Pogba and Manchester United. 

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Why the Rise in Voice Search is Mission Critical for Your SEO Success!

Whether you use it personally or not, the volume of searchers utilising voice search in Google and on mobile devices' means a change in the way SEO works. Google as recently as May (2016)...

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