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The Ultimate Guide to Ensuring SEO Success

"Can you write an Ultimate Guide for SEO?"

Me: "Okay. How ultimate do you want it?"

"As ultimate as ultimate gets!"

How could I resist such a request? (Hint I couldn't). Getting one's head around...

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10 Actionable Tips to Improve your On-Page e-Commerce SEO Today!


Boosting the traffic, in particular, relevant traffic to your site is important no matter which business plan you are pursuing. This could not be more true than with e-Commerce sites where the ...

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5 Great Call-to-Action Examples That We Just Couldn't Ignore!


It may seem obvious but surely the purpose of a Call-to-Action (CTA) should be to grab your attention and shout "CLICK ME!"? This is what we look for on websites whether they be income or lead...

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Why You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Google Adwords!

Take a look at Google. Type something in, type anything in. What do you see, what are the first few positions taken up by? Ads or more specifically Google Adwords. 

In February this year the...

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How Do You Choose Keywords That Will Give You SEO Success?

“Okay, how do we build up an association between our brand or our domain and the broad keywords, terms, topics, phrases, so that we can rank?"

- Rand Fishkin (moustache legend)

Taken from SEO and...

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5 Examples of Great e-Commerce Websites Nailing it


As with football teams and music, the digital team at Purple Frog has its favourites when it comes to e-Commerce websites and some, naturally, are better than others (Man Utd over Tottenham and...

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How to Improve The SEO For Your e-Commerce Product Pages


As with most things, SEO for e-Commerce is actually much harder than is immediately apparent. Although you may think having the large quantity of product pages that eCommerce sites house...

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3 Great Ways to Retain More Customers for Your eCommerce Site

Getting and retaining customers for your eCommerce site is the crucial element in any successful business plan. This may seem an obvious statement but carrying it out - as eCommerce experts Amazon...

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Is Poor e-Commerce SEO Costing You Revenue? [FREE TOOL]

Meta this, alt-tag that. Are your images optimised? Are you URLs search engine friendly....?

The world of SEO can seem a daunting place and with so much content out there around the subject, and...

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5 Simply Brilliant Landing Page Examples From Around the Web


The inter-web is a busy, competitive place, and certainly one where poor design and naff, annoying messages are punished by the ultimate judge of all. The User. 

Getting your content noticed...

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