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Is brand evil?

Brands and branding are responsible for many of the world’s problems today.

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The decline of TV advertising

On the back of 5 consecutive years of decline, TV executives are now redefining their output not as television but as video. Their problem is this does not hide the fact that they face what newspaper...

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Online visibility for businesses

March xx, 8.30am - A breakfast seminar showing how to generate online visibility using social media.

Venue: Purple Frog, The Threshing Barn, North Weston, Thame OX9 2HA

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Measuring the success of advertising

It is important that all forms of advertising and marketing are measured and their effectiveness understood. It is surprising how many companies even in this digital age continue to spend money...

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Social business - more than just social media marketing

Social business - the way forward.

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Built to last - an award winning campaign

With the immortal words of Roger Waters resounding in our ears, to see our Creative work being awarded Campaign of the Month, proved that this was not, ‘just another brick in the wall’.

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