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Direct mail solutions are not dead

As the oldest version of direct marketing many commentators have predicted the death of direct mail solutions as more instant methods of communication become fashionable. This is however an over...

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Antimicrobial health communications

21st Century Health Communications

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Environmentally friendly point of sale - vinyl alternative

Crystaleen Recyclable Point of Sale.

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The EU Cookie Directive

The law regarding website cookies changed on 26th of May 2012: this change affects every website without exception.

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Browser personas - form follows function

Today I downloaded the latest version of Firefox on my Mac, spurred on by some security concerns. Everything installed nicely and at the end of the process I was taken to Firefox's home page where I...

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How are non-transactional brands building online brand awareness?

Utalkmarketing on one of their recent Newsletters has posed this question. It is an interesting subject as most commentary refers to ecommerce and how you can engage consumers and businesses to buy...

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Are brands important to SMEs

“In the knowledge economy, where agility outperforms size, where the customer is king, and creative, passionate people your only armament - new forms of leadership and team play are keys to success....

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Are you a hedgehog or a fox?

We believe that everything is routed in a big idea, that success can be achieved by following a big idea, by remaining focused and letting the big idea inform and manage your decisions. Without a big...

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Should brand be important to small businesses?

Brand is now so much a part of public and business language and thinking that it has gained a life of its own and is used and interpreted in an infinite number of ways. It is wrongly synonymous with...

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The power of music in branding: making the connection

It is vital in today’s markets that brands make an emotional connection with consumers to avoid losing them to bargain hunting. It’s not news, we’re all aware of it, but how do you achieve it? It’s...

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