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Would you like a cookie?

Almost two years ago the busy-bodies in Europe, spearheaded by Germany and France, decided it was time to clamp down on internet privacy concerns.

And after they clamped it down they hit it...

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Customer choice - how offering more can get you less

When a visitor to your website doesn’t know exactly what they want, it’s important to offer them as much choice as possible, right?

After all, their ideal product might be one they haven’t seen...

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Passion Brands: What are they really?

Put simply, a passion brand is not a brand that consumers purchase purely out of habit, it’s a brand they have an emotional connection with and want to be identified with by their peers. But this is...

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Sensory Marketing: How to maximise your marketing strategy

Image source: www.thismarketerslife.it

Why is marketing strategy primarily focused on visual communication? What made us decide to put all our efforts into visual marketing? Why do most brand...

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A silver tweeter’s guide to hashtags

To introduce myself, I’m a new business partner at Purple Frog. This means I spend a lot of time on the phone, as well as online, generating business growth. Unscathed after my first fortnight, I’ve...

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Green marketing and sustainability in construction

Today going green is something we all must do and the construction industry is without doubt a sector where this is very important. Going green however needs to be a fundamental part of the brand of...

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Make-a-Donation an innovative new fundraising opportunity

Make-a-Donation approached Purple Frog in 2012 with a concept that quite frankly wowed us. At Purple Frog we have always believed that the local community we work in is important and that interacting...

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The No.1 global Twitter trend

Reaching the dizzy heights of the worldwide Twitter trending topic was never what we set out to achieve. But as soon as the #BTCCFollow idea for our client's account (@YuasaBTCC) started to grow one...

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Digital advertising ROI - better returns than TV

A recent research report by GfK has confirmed that advertising using online channels generates considerably more short-term sale revenue than TV, press and outdoor campaigns.

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Marketing - change is inevitable

For years businesses have been marketing their products and services using tried and tested routes to market from above the line, through the line, and below the line, to direct and indirect. Carry...

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