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Boss of Digital. Swindon fan. And frantic music collector.
Creative Marketing 7 Min Read

The NHS Go Genbutsu: How the Civil Service is Thinking Lean

As part of the government’s response to the recent problems at the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust, the health secretary, Jeremy...

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8 Min Read

Would you like a cookie?

Almost two years ago the busy-bodies in Europe, spearheaded by Germany and France, decided it was time to clamp down on...
8 Min Read

Customer choice - how offering more can get you less

When a visitor to your website doesn’t know exactly what they want, it’s important to offer them as much choice as possible,...
Creative Marketing 3 Min Read

Passion Brands: What are they really?

Put simply, a passion brand is not a brand that consumers purchase purely out of habit, it’s a brand they have an emotional...
Creative Marketing 6 Min Read

Sensory Marketing: How to maximise your marketing strategy

Image source: www.thismarketerslife.it Why is marketing strategy primarily focused on visual communication? What made us decide...
5 Min Read

A silver tweeter’s guide to hashtags

To introduce myself, I’m a new business partner at Purple Frog. This means I spend a lot of time on the phone, as well as...
Creative Marketing 5 Min Read

Green marketing and sustainability in construction

Today going green is something we all must do and the construction industry is without doubt a sector where this is very...
Creative Marketing 7 Min Read

Make-a-Donation an innovative new fundraising opportunity

Make-a-Donation approached Purple Frog in 2012 with a concept that quite frankly wowed us. At Purple Frog we have always...
Creative Marketing 4 Min Read

The No.1 global Twitter trend

Reaching the dizzy heights of the worldwide Twitter trending topic was never what we set out to achieve. But as soon as the...