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Digital advertising ROI - better returns than TV

A recent research report by GfK has confirmed that advertising using online channels generates considerably more short-term sale revenue than TV, press and outdoor campaigns.

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Marketing - change is inevitable

For years businesses have been marketing their products and services using tried and tested routes to market from above the line, through the line, and below the line, to direct and indirect. Carry...

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The link between creativity and effectiveness

I read a very interesting article this week describing recent IPA/Thinkbox research that claims to have found a direct link between creativity and effectiveness, citing that ‘…the most creatively...

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The art of being brave

Marketing and advertising like any business disciplines have always evolved. The way products and services have been promoted has changed over the decades with new channels such as Radio, TV and the...

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Location based mobile popularity increase

Insights provider, Kinetic Worldwide have just surveyed 500 UK adults and have found that they are increasingly using their mobile devices to access location tools and social networks.

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Welcome to the post digital age

Yes, post digital is a little disconcerting. The fact that most marketers and businesses are still getting to grips with the ever changing digital age, makes the headline above somewhat confusing.

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Is digital marketing an exact science

I had a baking issue in the kitchen yesterday. Half way through following a recipe for banana cake, I realised I didn’t have enough flour. I carried on regardless, attempting to reduce the quantity...

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How to integrate paid and natural search marketing

Many marketing departments are currently looking at ways to improve their search engine rankings but often treat paid search such as Google Adwords as a completely separate function than Search...

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Have you got a Pinterest?

This two-year-old social bookmarking site is suddenly kicking up a storm as retailers discover that it’s increasing traffic to their sites. This article looks at ways in which brands can adopt...

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The social media cycle

Social media marketing is about gaining insights, engaging with your customers, gaining their advocacy and getting them to talk about your brand with their friends and acquaintances.

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