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Sensory Marketing: How to maximise your marketing strategy

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Why is marketing strategy primarily focused on visual communication? What made us decide to put all our efforts into visual marketing? Why do most brand...

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Green marketing and sustainability in construction

Today going green is something we all must do and the construction industry is without doubt a sector where this is very important. Going green however needs to be a fundamental part of the brand of...

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Make-a-Donation an innovative new fundraising opportunity

Make-a-Donation approached Purple Frog in 2012 with a concept that quite frankly wowed us. At Purple Frog we have always believed that the local community we work in is important and that interacting...

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The No.1 global Twitter trend

Reaching the dizzy heights of the worldwide Twitter trending topic was never what we set out to achieve. But as soon as the #BTCCFollow idea for our client's account (@YuasaBTCC) started to grow one...

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Marketing - change is inevitable

For years businesses have been marketing their products and services using tried and tested routes to market from above the line, through the line, and below the line, to direct and indirect. Carry...

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The art of being brave

Marketing and advertising like any business disciplines have always evolved. The way products and services have been promoted has changed over the decades with new channels such as Radio, TV and the...

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Are brands important to SMEs

“In the knowledge economy, where agility outperforms size, where the customer is king, and creative, passionate people your only armament - new forms of leadership and team play are keys to success....

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Are you a hedgehog or a fox?

We believe that everything is routed in a big idea, that success can be achieved by following a big idea, by remaining focused and letting the big idea inform and manage your decisions. Without a big...

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Should brand be important to small businesses?

Brand is now so much a part of public and business language and thinking that it has gained a life of its own and is used and interpreted in an infinite number of ways. It is wrongly synonymous with...

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Built to last - an award winning campaign

With the immortal words of Roger Waters resounding in our ears, to see our Creative work being awarded Campaign of the Month, proved that this was not, ‘just another brick in the wall’.

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