Built to last - an award winning campaign

With the immortal words of Roger Waters resounding in our ears, to see our Creative work being awarded Campaign of the Month, proved that this was not, ‘just another brick in the wall’.

There are some accounts that offer little creative opportunity, and then there is the BDA…

Since winning the Brick Development Association (BDA) account in Autumn 2010, Purple Frog have been proud to work on a number of projects for them, not least working on updating their brand identity, producing bulletins, newsletters, emails and awards collateral, right through to sourcing mugs and coasters!

In the short-time since winning the account, we, as an agency have really tried to get under the skin of what the BDA require and what their objectives are, lending our client full support to drive awareness of brick as the ‘natural’ choice, over and above its competitor materials, such as timber and concrete.

And so it was, with great excitement, that we saw that the BDA had been awarded Campaign of the Month for March using our creative and strategic campaign, ‘Naturally’.

Designed to instantly portray the natural qualities of brick (reduced environmental impact, cost-effective material of choice and material longevity/durability), the integrated campaign targeted key decision-makers in the industry to ‘Think Brick’ when designing, and specifying, building materials. The campaign is fully integrated; running in national advertising, PR, online and as a DM piece. It really offered our Creative team a chance to flex their creative muscles and deliver some really inspiring creative work, which always keeps those Creative ‘kids’ happy (“Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!’)

See more at www.brick.org.uk (which, incidentally, was also developed by Purple Frog). There is no end to our talents!

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