3 Things You Will Learn At the BIG Professional Services Seminar in February


In today’s fast-changing world it’s important for professional services firms/practices to deliver new business in a new way.

That is why Purple Frog has organised one of its popular free BIG (Business Income Generator) seminars completely dedicated to professional services businesses, to help them make a 300% return in their new business investment.

During the morning, a lot of really exciting topics will be explored, and here is just a quick flavour of some of the things that will be discussed.

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1. Professional services can use their expertise to attract clients

Show you are an expert by establishing yourselves as a thought-leader online, with helpful blog posts, content offers and case studies. Run webinars and initiate discussions on social media. Place yourself in the middle of the conversation and add to it with your insights.

Don't be afraid to share your knowledge publicly, as there is nothing to lose. Yes, you are giving away free advice, but if they then want to act on it, they will still need to hire you, and actually in the meantime that free advice has helped you win that new client that you might have not otherwise gotten.

Make sure you are active online and you present yourself as helpful and knowledgeable partners you want to turn to when in need.



2. You need to start thinking like your prospective clients

The best way to attract new clients is by understanding their challenges and offering your services as the solution to these, appearing where and when they are looking for you. In fact, it's not enough just to produce content, but you need to give people the right content at the right time, and getting this wrong might mean losing the prospect forever.

There are 3 stages of the buyer's journey that you need to start understanding:

  • Awareness stage: the person is trying to identify their problem
  • Consideration stage: the person is researching the solutions for their problem
  • Decision stage: the person chooses the solution and makes the purchase

For example, let's say you've been experiencing a headache for a few days. What you might do is go onto Google and type in "what are the causes of a headache", and discover that it could be caused by lots of different things, including stress (awareness stage). You then go onto researching what solutions you have to reduce your levels of stress, such as doing yoga, taking stress-management classes or cutting down on your workload (consideration stage). You decide that yoga might be the best option for you, so you look into the studios near you and which one is the best for your specific problem, and call to book a class (decision stage).

If you understand this process, and create content for each of these stages, making it easily discoverable through Google and other tools that your target personas might use (e.g. social media), then you can be the one that provides them with the right information and solution at the right time, and you have got yourself a new potential client.


3. How to build multiple niches

Make sure you really segment your marketing and make it very niche.

Too many times we meet solicitors, for instance, at networking events that do the same old pitch of: "We do family law, litigation, corporate law, property law... blah, blah, blah". But if you pitch yourselves as jacks of all trades, when someone has a specific need for one of these solutions, would they come to you who gave him the impression that you do a bit of this and that, or someone who is an expert in that particular area they need help with?

The good news is that usually law firms are full of niche experts, so all you need to do now is present yourself as one and stick to that. Don't try and cross-sell the whole company's services.

Once someone becomes a client, you can start digging deeper in their pain points and get a better understanding of their needs, and only then introduce them to some of the other solicitors who deal with that specific solution.



If any of the above are a current challenge you are facing, we suggest you or your colleagues come along to our next free BIG (Business Income Generator) seminar for professional services, particularly if you want to recover your current hourly rate even when doing new business.

Imagine achieving success by only paying for outcomes!



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