What is an Income Generation Strategy?


Forget about your sales strategy and your marketing strategy. What your business needs is an income generation strategy.

So what's that? Have a look at the video below and find out to find out how to grow your business.


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Why and how to join up your sales and marketing

Traditionally, sales and marketing have always been running on parallel paths, almost never crossing each other's paths or communicating. However, things are changing, and bringing your sales and marketing team together by making them focused on the same revenue goals is absolutely crucial for a company to be able to grow. In fact, your sales team will know a lot better the issues that customers face from talking to them every day, and marketing can build campaigns around them, but this only works if there is complete collaboration between the two. In this way, the marketing team will be able to generate more qualified leads that your sales team will then turn into customers. More customers = more revenue.

The first step in this process of joining up sales and marketing is creating a SLA (Service Level Agreement) between the two, in which the teams agree on what kind of information they need from each other on a regular basis in order to be able to acquire more customers, and set criteria for scoring the leads that come in.


If your goal is sustainable growth for your business (and why shouldn't it be!), then you should start thinking about your income generation strategy. Get to fully understand the current and ideal lifetime value of your clients and base your future investments on your business growth goals. Think also of new ways in which your sales and marketing can start working together to achieve more results.


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