Location based mobile popularity increase

Insights provider, Kinetic Worldwide have just surveyed 500 UK adults and have found that they are increasingly using their mobile devices to access location tools and social networks.

The survey found that Facebook Places, now disbanded, scored the highest in terms of most recognised at 67%. Google’s Latitude came second at 39%, Twitter Places logged 24% with Foursquare closely following with 23%.

The survey also found that 43% of consumers are expecting to utilise location based mobile services more in the future, 48% of these to meet people, and 26% to upload recommendations or discover places to visit.

44% also indicated that they would access promotional offers via mobile, which is very relevant to retailers and restaurants especially as this figure is very likely to increase over time.

In terms of social media 50% of Twitter users log on via their mobiles, this figure drops to 41% for Facebook and 26% for LinkedIn. These statistics make sense as Twitter is clearly a more here and now channel whereas Linkedin is a channel more relevant to work and careers and mobile contact is therefore less relevant.

"Far from being a static home based form of communications, social media will increasingly influence choices and behaviour in out of home environments," said Nick Mawditt, global director of insight and marketing at Kinetic Worldwide.

Purple Frog agree with Nick. Smart Phones have changed the dynamics of communication and tablet computers have further changed consumer habits. Restaurant offers and vouchers are now more useful if supplied by mobile. It is not only about saving paper and not printing out vouchers, but impulse dining when out needs the ability to redeem an offer when a printer is not a viable option. This change will apply to all location based mobile services. Consumers will expect to be kept informed when they arrive somewhere and not to have to research and work out offers and opportunities before they set off.

Brands need to develop a strategy to embrace this change and to take advantage of it. Purple Frog can help call 01844 295170 or email more@purplefrog.co.uk

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