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21 Clever Exhibition Ideas to Get More People to Your Stand


After all the work and the effort you put into planning your exhibition, you now want to make sure a large amount of people will come onto your stand and engage with you and your brand.

Here are 21 different exhibition ideas that are sure to grab the attention of everyone at your next exhibition and help you generate lots of qualified leads.


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Interactivity and engagement

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Having something engaging and inviting is sure to bring more potential leads to your stand. People like to get involved and interact with something, and the more engaging it is, the more people will remember you.

1. Interactive games

2. A challenge or quiz that visitors will have to solve

3. A unique photo point that will invite people to take a picture in/of your stand and remember you

4. A live social media wall to court social interactions

5. Possibility for visitors to leave their comments or thoughts on a hot topic related to your industry

6. Strong, thought-provoking statements


Digital assets

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We would all agree that today technology is everywhere, so why not consider incorporating some digital elements into your stand?

7. Impressive lighting displays 

8. Information people can download onto their smartphones

9. Touchscreens with interactive effects

10. Opportunity to interact with your website or download your app during the exhibition for extra features


Don't be confined to the classic 4 walls

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Show off your stand with a point of attraction that takes the visitors on a journey. What makes you stand out? What do customers want to see? Think outside the 4-walls box, something unexpected, that will make you memorable.

11. Optical illusions

12. Unconventional shapes or creative stands and graphics

13. An outdoors stand


Giveaways and Messages

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When it comes to giveaways, it's all about your brand and what will best help you generate leads. There is no point in giving something away for free or having a feature that doesn't really reflect your brand or help you collect valuable contacts or prospects.

14. Giveaways that have some elements of interactivity or discovery of your brand

15. Competition cards. To avoid time-wasters, the prize can be one of your products/services so you know that everyone who enters is interested

16. Cleverly-branded bags

17. Messages that get people thinking





You could have the most captivating stand, but if you don't invite anyone to it, then you will have to rely solely on passers-by. What about all those target accounts you have been trying to win for a while? You will want them to come along too.
Start the journey straight from the invite. Get people thinking about you and give them a snippet of what you're going to be showing. Make sure the branding is consistent.

18. Take them on a journey with the invite

19. Create clever bespoke pieces

20. Pop-up invites

21. Simply make a strong statement or be clever with words



Whatever you decide to use to attract people to your stand, always make sure your branding and messaging is consistent and any activity you do is aimed at generating and engaging leads.

Are there any other methods or exhibition ideas that you have tried out before? Which has been the most effective?


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