The decline of TV advertising

On the back of 5 consecutive years of decline, TV executives are now redefining their output not as television but as video. Their problem is this does not hide the fact that they face what newspaper executives witnessed a decade ago, a big cash cow businesses financed by TV advertising in inexorable decline.

As TV advertising spend declines, the threatened incumbents at the top of broadcast TV must redefine their businesses if they are to find growth and even stability once again. An article today in the Financial Times adds further on this subject and is worth reading.

Many organisations are now using the internet as a way of advertising and as TV becomes less of a scheduled and more of an on demand media we will see further reductions in the normal spend on advertising through this channel as consumers will be more able to skip advertising and in fact the advertising break will eventually disappear except during live events.

The use of brand positioning and program sponsorship will become increasingly important along with the development of online advertising either through YouTube, Google or social networks. Times are changing and you need to make sure that your business changes with them as well.

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