Measuring the success of advertising

It is important that all forms of advertising and marketing are measured and their effectiveness understood. It is surprising how many companies even in this digital age continue to spend money blindly or at best with limited knowledge often spending money on advertising in a particular publication just because their competitors do without knowing if it actually generates any leads or income.

With the advent of the internet it is much easier to measure responses online but it is not difficult to measure telephone responses either. At Purple Frog we have an online system which enables us to allocate specific telephone numbers to specific campaigns or even individual advertisements so we can count the responses. Our client's benefit because we are able to tell them how many calls they had, as well as how many unanswered calls, at what time of the day they were made and what area of the country they were from. They do not need to change anything their end, just answer the phone as we forward the calls to their normal number once it has been counted through on our system. These numbers can be standard STD numbers, local, national, free phone or premium rate numbers depending on the advert and type of response required.

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