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A week in the world of Google

Google is the third most valuable brand in the World, behind Apple and Samsung, with Microsoft in fourth place (commercetuned.co.uk).
In December Alexa listed Google.com as being the Internet’s most visited website.

While AdWords generates most of the company’s profits, the wide range of products, services, acquisitions and partnerships often result in Google being in the news every day. So let’s take a look at some of the headlines from the last few days.

  • Google is suing BT over claims four of its patents have been infringed. This follows a case in 2011 where BT launched patent claims against Google. Google has yet to respond to concerns raised by European privacy regulators regarding providing users with adequate information about how their data is being used. Google has denied that it is not cooperating with EU regulations.
  • Google Glass has been in the news as Google held Project Glass events in San Fransisco and New York. The events, for developers only, have been shrouded in secrecy with reports of attendees having to agree to strict confidentiality terms. Today however Google has released more information in a YouTube video and are asking people in the US to use the hashtag #ifihadaglass to suggest ways they would use of Glass headset.
  • There have been rumors that Google will be opening its first retail stores by the end of the year. Joining the likes of Apple and Microsoft, the stores are expected to showcase their Chromebooks, Chrome browser and suite of Nexus devices. Will we also see Google Glass in the stores in time for Christmas?
  • Google Now is updated to include film ratings and the ability to receive film tickets on the device. Now, running on the Jelly Bean OS, presents timely information such as news, weather, flight information and traffic, plus your calendar events and Gmail.


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