Environmentally friendly point of sale - vinyl alternative

Crystaleen Recyclable Point of Sale.

Many point of sale items are printed on vinyl. The problem with this type of point of sale is that vinyl cannot readily be recycled and is also not a sustainable material. Point of sale material need to be robust and often wipe clean which makes vinyl an ideal solution.

Purple Frog however can offer our clients Crystaleen. Crystaleen is a recycled cost effective environmentally friendly alternative to vinyl . Crystaleen is 100% recyclable after use and has a smooth, brilliant white finish with an excellent opacity.

The material is waterproof and weatherproof to a high exposure which allows it to be used for both indoor and outdoor point of sale. It can also be used in more than point of sale.

Crystaleen is available as a non and as a self adhesive material. It is stocked in a range of weights and a very varied range of self adhesives and paper backing sheets. All variations can be printed, using either Litho or Digital printing processes, therefore ensuring the highest quality of image possible.

Crystaleen can be used in any communication material where vinyl was previously regarded as the best solution and as the printing quality is high it is a superb alternative to screen printing. This enables creative work to be more accurately represented and because litho printing can be used this enables special colours to be incorporated where required. Litho printing also means that Crystaleen is a cost effective solution where multiple quantities of the same communication are required.

Crystaleen is suitable for general point of sale, window graphics, stickers, on-product labels and other in store promotional literature.

For marketing departments looking for hygienic solutions to literature and point of contact posters read more about our antimicrobial solutions.

To find out how Purple Frog can help you with your point of sale requirements call 01844 295170 or email more@purplefrog.co.uk

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