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21st Century Health Communications

Health Communications is an area of marketing where hygiene is of vital importance. To protect literature, posters and other health communications in environments such as washrooms, hospitals, toilets and sports centres it has been necessary to laminate items. This plastic covering which has allowed literature to be wiped clean has meant that costs are increased and also items are not sustainable.

Now however there is an alternative. Biocote Technology has brought health communication into the 21st century. Purple Frog are able to offer healthcare marketing departments this technology through CrystalBio. CrystalBio uses BioCote technology, a safe, natural antimicrobial and reduces the level of bacteria and mould on the surface of products, making them cleaner, safer and more hygienic .

CrystalBio products are ideal for environments where hygiene is important, such as hospitals, care homes, schools, restaurants and cruise ships. CrystalBio antimicrobial technology is also ideal for personal care products, helping to prevent odour causing bacteria and improve hygiene.

The technology is incorporated into the products ( Stickers, menu's, liners, cartons, covers etc. ) at the time of manufacture, in the form of an additive in the varnish. A constant built in protection is added for the life of the product. It's antimicrobial performance does not deteriorate over time, nor does it need to be reapplied. The visual aspect of the printed product is not affected by the coating and the product requires no additional specialist cleaning.

All CrystalBio products are validated and quality control tested on a regular basis to ISO22196, in an independent laboratory .

ONLY products that reach a 95% reduction in bacteria are allowed to use the BioCote logo as a guarantee of antimicrobial performance.


The coating is cost effective, sustainable and adds very little to the turnaround period .


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