Sales and marketing for professional services

Are you tired of spending hours of your time going to dozens of networking meetings and chasing up leads that are not likely to convert into customers? Wouldn't it be better to get customers to come to you rather than spending all your budget and resources  to find ways to get to them?

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A more effective way of doing sales and marketing

Time and time again we speak to professional services firms, especially solicitors, accountants and commercial property agents who are worried they are spending too much time looking for new clients and not getting enough return on their investment.

It doesn't have to be that way!


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Generate more qualified leads and convert more customers

Make your time more effective by generating more qualified leads even whilst you are sleeping and converting more customers.

You will be able to always have a healthy pipeline, and concentrate more on your billable hours, doing what you love and growing your firm the smarter way.


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Grow your firm by £3-£5m in 5 years

Each business is unique and everyone has its own growth goals, but with our process you can expect to grow by £3-£5m in yearly turnover in just 5 years, and you can achieve that starting from just £2,950 per month, a tiny fraction of the ROI you can expect to get back in terms of clients and revenue.

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