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HubSpot Health Checks

Making sure you are getting the best value out of HubSpot

Reviewing your setup, understanding your goals, implementing fixes and automation and developing a playbook to get your team trained on

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Why you need this

Transform your business

Having worked with dozens of different companies over the past 6 years in implementing, improving and training teams around HubSpot, we have seen first-hand the transformative impact it can have on a business. Like every system, if not used right, it can become more of a hindrance than a help, and you could struggle to see the value for money on it. We can help you ensure you are leveraging it to its full potential, and that it is working towards your goals and transforming your business for the better.


Improving efficiencies

Automating processes in sales, marketing and customer service can drastically free up your team's time to focus on what they do best, as well as ensure no one, whether lead or customer, falls through the cracks.


Boosting conversions

Maximising your chances of taking someone from a stranger to a customer by marketing to them in the right place at the right time, closing sales in a non-pushy way and shortening your process of quoting, signing and getting paid.


Centralising your reporting

Having visibility of all your whole funnel in one place as well as improving the granularity of your reporting allows you to make better business decisions in all areas.


Getting more advocates

Turn your customers into real advocates and drive more business through referrals by delivering best-in-class customer service and measuring their satisfaction to continuously improve your systems.

Some of the companies we have helped in getting more value out of HubSpot

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Every business is different

Here is our typical process

Discovery and goal setting

Understand what your challenges and goals are

Initial 60-minutes meeting to discuss what your current challenges are with HubSpot and what you are trying to improve and achieve as a business overall.

Full Health check and report

In-depth analysis of your current setup

  • Usage reports
  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • Account set-up
  • Campaign set-up
  • Content and SEO setup
  • HubSpot sales tools and pipelines
  • HubSpot service tools
  • Properties, lists and forms setup
  • Automations
  • Workflows and nurture campaign set-up
  • Templates and snippets
  • Analytics and reporting setup
  • Integrations
Team workshops

Getting insights and gathering requirements from all teams

This typically comprises of 3-5 workshops with different teams, spanning from marketing, to sales, to finance to customer service. Mapping out processes and journeys to ensure HubSpot is setup at its best to support them and gather the right reporting data.


Setting up HubSpot the right way to support your business

  • Implementation of improvements
  • Fixing of errors
  • Bespoke customisations
  • Automation of elements
  • Custom reports and dashboards

Playbook and Training

Standardising the processes and training your teams on them

Gearing up your team for success and making on-boarding new hires easier with a full written HubSpot processes playbook completely tailored to your business, as well as delivering a mixture of group and 1-to-1 training to empower your team to make the most out of the platform.

Discover the potential hidden in your HubSpot account and learn more about our health checks

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