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How do you know if your existing platform is working to its optimum? Why invest in development that you can’t be sure will improve the conversion-rate of your website? We have tried and tested methods for improving the conversion rates using A/B testing, HeatMaps and ClickMaps to determine exactly where your current solution is coming up short. 

Having worked with brands such as Byron Hamburgers we have the tools, insight and experience to increase your website’s ability to convert users into customers; Purple Frog can illustrate exactly how
much additional revenue you could generate by implementing specific changes through accurate
revenue tracking.


CRO for eCommerce websites

Improving the ability of your current solution to convert users into customers will fundamentally affect your bottom line and pay for itself. With our accurate revenue tracking, Purple Frog can show your ROI!


CRO for better lead generation

Website inquiries and data gathering forms are a great source of qualified leads, and optimised messaging can improve the chances of conversion. CRO should not be restricted to eCommerce sites!


Free CRO Tools! 

If conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is all about making your website that hardest working part of your site, would it not be great to have some (free) CRO Tools that started you on this journey?


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Conversion Rate Optimisation for eCommerce websites

With many businesses relying predominately on their eCommerce solution to generate revenue and profits, the ability of that solution to convert interested users into customers has to be maximised. However, with development costing time and money, knowing exactly which page tweak, text change or menu rejig will benefit your company is impossible without first testing it. 

Purple Frog use a number of tools which allow us to confidently implement, A/B test and measure any changes or ideas that we feel will improve the conversion rates on your website. Having worked with companies such as Byron Hamburgers, we are able to illustrate exactly how much more income your website will generate if a specific change was implemented using accurate revenue tracking.

Our process is effective and simple, but allows us to audit your website and user journey’s to highlight areas for improvement before testing them in real time to present costed revenue improvements. This may be as simple as a change of emphasis within some content, but with our system in place we can accurately enlighten you to where you current solution can be improved in order to convert more users.

Want Conversion

Rate Optimisation

 that pays for


Need to improve the ability of your current solution to convert users

into customers? Purple Frog can fundamentally affect your bottom

line and ensure that our package of Conversion Rate Optimisation

essentially pays for itself!


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Conversion Rate Optimisation for lead generation

Whether your website is directly linked to your revenue, it will likely have inquiry or data gathering capabilities which can influence future business. With inquiries coming from websites often being highly qualified, maximising your messaging, calls-to-action and user journey’s will encourage potential leads to contact you.

From button placement, content emphasis and tweaking calls-to-action to better channel users into contacting you, our solution will allow us to test your website for dead ends and improve conversion objectives with heat-maps, click-maps and A/B testing. Working with businesses such as Lucy Electric has given us the experience and confidence that our methods not only work, but will benefit your business in the long-term.

Maximising the opportunity a user has to contact you and streamlining that process will have a direct impact on how many inquiries you are able to collect. Purple Frog’s process of testing and measuring changes to your website will minimise both your cost and any risk meaning you only invest in development that is proven to improve your website.


Maximise your websites ability to pull in and convert potential customers

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