Technical Audit & Health Check

Determine how effective your current solution is with our comprehensive Technical Audit and Health Check, giving you insight into improvements that may be required.

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A well-structured website with good original content providing a positive user experience is the basis for strong visibility on Google. But more consideration is needed to improve page ranking on Google if the website is to be more visible on organic search results. 

This will be based on a number of on and off-page factors which will directly effect your organic ranking, these include: 

Content - Fresh, relevant content that is well-structured and has a keyword focus.

Backlinks - External links pointing towards your site will improve your ranking if deemed relevant.

TrustFlow - This is a metric which helps identify the trustworthiness of your backlinks.

Citation Flow - This ignores the quality of your backlinks and looks instead at the quantity.

Social Media - Social shares and likes are used by Google to understand how engaging and popular your content is and how relevant it will therefore be for its searchers. 


How can Purple Frog help?    

Our twin-pillared Technical Audit and Health Check can provide the required insight and analysis in order to make informed suggested improvements. By looking at your website in two distinct lights, we are able to deliver a comprehensive and honest review of your online activities.



Technical Audit

Our Technical Audit will offer detailed, data driven analysis of your website in direct comparison with your competitors. 


Health Check

Our Health Check will give a frank and objective commentary on your entire online presence.