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Determine how effective your current solution is with our comprehensive Technical Audit and Health Check, giving you insight into improvements that may be required.

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Responsive website design is not just about aesthetic and accessibility, there is a significant online visibility benefit as well. In 2015 Google introduced Mobilegeddon, an update to it's PageRank algorithim which changed the way results are ranked on mobile devices. This followed a recognition from Google that not only were more users coming from mobile but that user experiences were not on par with desktop.  

The new algorithm placed more emphasis on mobile friendly sites, effectively demoting websites which are not mobile friendly / responsive. 


The performance of your wesbite, particularly site speed, affects your Google organic ranking and visitor duration times. 

As early as 2010, Google announced that site speed is a factor they take into account for search rankings. The slower your site takes to load, the less likely it is to rank well in organic searches. Without Google indexation and rankings, it will struggle to attact visitors and any SEO investment will be compromised. 

Site errors

A broken or ill-performing site will affect your ability to retain users. An inability for Google to correctly index your site will affect your organic rankings and mean your site will struggle to attract users. 

With everything from Meta tags, to H1's and image Alt-tags counting towards Google's PageRank algorithm, ensuring your site is functioning correctly on all fronts is crucial to your online success. 


How can Purple Frog help?    

Our twin-pillared Technical Audit and Health Check can provide the required insight and analysis in order to make informed suggested improvements. By looking at your website in two distinct lights, we are able to deliver a comprehensive and honest review of your online activities.



Technical Audit

Our Technical Audit will offer detailed, data driven analysis of your website in direct comparison with your competitors. 


Health Check

Our Health Check will give a frank and objective commentary on your entire online presence.