Technical Audit & Health Check

Determine how effective your current solution is with our comprehensive Technical Audit and Health Check, giving you insight into improvements that may be required.

Schedule Your Technical Audit & Health Check

How effective is your website?   

Categorically your website is the best marketing tool you currently have. It allows you to reach audiences and potential customers way beyond your normal scope. An ineffective one could be costing you business without you ever realising. This could see your website lose visitors and, your company, revenue. So again: how effective is your current website?

How can Purple Frog help?    

Our twin-pillared Technical Audit and Health Check can provide the required insight and analysis in order to make informed suggested improvements. By looking at your website in two distinct lights, we are able to deliver a comprehensive and honest review of your online activities.



Technical Audit

Our Technical Audit will offer detailed, data driven analysis of your website in direct comparison with your competitors. 


Health Check

Our Health Check will give a frank and objective commentary on your entire online presence.