Increasing website traffic and generating 800 new contacts through inbound marketing

When you have a relatively niche B2B company, it can be quite hard to to be found online and engage an audience. Website views can be quite low, and conversions are few and far between. If this resonates with you and you would like to see how we have helped a company increase their traffic and leads from their website, read on below or download a free PDF copy of the case study by clicking on the link below.

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Key takeaways

  • To grow their business, Water Hygiene Centre needed some direction and consultancy on marketing and sales, as well as a way to better track their lead generation and client conversion.

  • A mixture of weekly blog posts, social media marketing and SEO have given a boost to their traffic, whilst a series of downloadable whitepapers, tools and case studies have converted a high number of contacts and leads.

  • The introduction of HubSpot and embedding it into all their activity has enabled them to better track and analyse what channels were giving them the best return on investment, as well as better follow up all leads and opportunities.

“A very professional and easy to work with agency. You have helped us increase our online presence dramatically by educating us on publishing blogs, content offers, pillars, case studies and improving our SEO. Having never paid for SEO in the past we have seen huge improvements and you are always on the end of the phone if we have any queries. We have only worked with you since 2017, but in this short time I would happily recommend you to others looking for a competent marketing agency.”

Sarah Morley
Marketing Executive @ Water Hygiene Centre

About Water Hygiene Centre

Water Hygiene Centre was established in 2009 to address the lack of independent consultancy within the industry. Since then, they have established themselves as a market leader, helping clients identify and minimise the risk of waterborne contamination and disease, such as Legionella bacteria, whilst improving compliance performance. Their client portfolio includes many Local Authorities, Housing Associations, NHS Trusts, Universities and Facilities Management Organisations throughout the UK and British Isles.

The challenge

When Water Hygiene Centre first approached Purple Frog in 2017, they were looking to get more direction and consultancy on how they could grow their business. They didn’t have an in-house marketing team and the only activity they managed to do had to fit in around their daily jobs. They had hit a wall in their growth plan, particularly around risk assessments, where they were often undercut by contractors.

Their initial concerns were primarily around the following areas:

Social media – some of their competitors were able to post daily on LinkedIn and Twitter, and they were unsure on how to establish a presence on social media

Website – poor search engine visibility and low traffic to the website. They were also without the required analytical tools and statistics regarding their traffic to understand their audience or how to improve their efforts in gaining traffic and conversions.

Another key aspect we uncovered during our exploratory meeting with them was that they had a database of circa 7,000 contacts that was not being leveraged to its full potential, wasn’t segmented and they didn’t have a CRM from which manage the database.

The strategy

The strategy we decided to implement with Water Hygiene Centre to help them achieve their goals was heavily focussed around inbound marketing and the introduction of a new CRM and marketing automation platform - HubSpot.

  1. The first step was to carry out a workshop with the key stakeholders of Water Hygiene Centre to understand their ideal buyer persona, which was identified as estate managers in healthcare institutions. We then helped them better define their sales processes and customise their new HubSpot platform so it could track all of their sales and marketing performance. We also created a new blog section on their website within HubSpot and delivered a training session to all the senior consultants of the company on how to use the CRM.
  2. Our marketing implementation work then began; first with publishing weekly blogs and creating social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which immediately saw a substantial boost in traffic on their website. The next step was enabling this website traffic to convert it into contacts and leads in an easy way. In the following months we launched 2 gated content offers focused around the pain points of their buyer persona: a guide to water safety for healthcare organisations and a water risk assessment and schematic review tool. These content offers generated conversion through substantial social media promotion, calls-to-action within the blogs, via their weekly newsletter to their extensive contacts database and with a lead flow on their website.
  3. We also undertook an off-page search engine optimisation campaign in order to try and increase their domain authority and ranking in Google. Their SEO strategy was reinforced later on by the creation of a topic cluster around legionella risk assessment.
  4. In the following year we also created some gated case studies, which are continuing to generate a high number of leads.

The campaign was strengthened by the great working relationship that we have created with Water Hygiene Centre, especially the marketing executive Sarah Morley, and the constant back and forth communication between us which is crucial for these campaigns to work. Now the team at Water Hygiene Centre feel empowered and knowledgeable enough to take more control over their marketing and are writing all of their marketing material themselves and are using HubSpot extensively to grow their business, whilst still continuing

The results

The work undertaken with this client has been a huge success and has had a massive impact on the company. Their website traffic has increased by 513% which contributed to the generation of over 800 new contacts for the company. These have now converted into 9 new consultancy customers, with many more still in the pipeline waiting to be converted. On top of this, the new blogs newsletter and downloadable content has massively re-engaged their pre-existing database and generated new opportunities and repeat sales as a result.

We help UK smes reach their growth goals through sales and marketing strategies

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Business growth specialist with a background in publishing and media, turned into an inbound marketing aficionado.

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